The Association has Four categories of membership:

  • Corporate Membership:
    This category consists of institutions carrying on the business of leasing of all types of assets; including equipment, vehicles, real estate, etc…
  • Associate Membership:
    This category consists of professional firms and other organizations with an interest in leasing who are not directly carrying on the business of equipment leasing e.g. accounting, taxation, legal management consultancy firms.
  • Individual Membership:
    This category consists of individuals with an interest in leasing, who are performing functions that can positively influence the development of leasing in Egypt.
  • Honorary Membership:
  • This category consists of persons nominated or elected for or to honorary offices pursuant to Articles of the Association shall not be Members for any other purpose and shall not exercise the powers of Members unless or to the extent that they are also the duly appointed representative of a member.

Member Subscription:

Every Member shall on admission pay to the Association such entrance fee and subscription as the Board may require. The Board may require the entrance fee to be paid at the time when the application for membership is made, in which case if the application is rejected such fee shall be returned in full to the applicant.

Type of Membership

Entrance Fee

Annual Subscription Fee

Individual Membership Fee

EGP 3000

EGP 2000

Corporate membership fee

EGP 30,000

EGP 20,000

Benefits of Membership :

The Association provides several benefits to its members , which includes but not restricted to the following:

  • Enhanced corporate profile through business opportunities, local and international networking among leasing practitioners and the general public.
  • Forum to interact with various governmental authorities.
  • Advisory services to members on policy compliance, market intelligence, and other areas such as accounting, taxation and legal aspects of leasing.
  • Dissemination of vital exclusive information particularly on leasing trends and developments to facilitate the business of members.
  • Opportunities for exchange of suggestions and experiences, particularly at ELA's numerous events.
  • Qualitative training educational programs at subsidized rates.
  • Committees :

    Choose a committee from the list below.

    1. Steering Committee
    2. Membership Committee
    3. Education & Training Committee
    4. Fundraising Committee
    5. Media & PR Committee
    6. Research & Publications Committee
    7. Vehicles & Fleet Committee
    8. Equipment Committee
    9. Real Estate Committee
    10. Government Relations Committee
    11. SMEs & Microfinance Committee

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